We provide complete turn-key lead mailer programs that include protected areas and daily secure delivery of lead responses.

Lead Mailers

Kramer Direct helps you build your business with easy and effective lead generation programs. Mailers come in a variety of formats, including double postcard format for quick responses because it mails first class. Increase your response rates by choosing one of our gift lead mailers; the brochure PDF is included. All mailers can be customized to meet compliance regulations.


What can our Lead Mailer services do for you?

  • Complete Turn-Key Campaigns – Programs include names for mailing, printing, mail handling, all outgoing and return postage. Double Postcard format mails first class.
  • Lists are updated monthly and verified with multiple sources.
  • Turnaround Time – Leads begin returning in approximately 2-3 weeks.
  • Response – Leads are delivered electronically via Lead Tracker© each day as received. Actual live lead cards may be physically mailed via the postal service at an extra charge.
  • Protected Areas – Names mailed are protected for at least two months to give you adequate time to work your leads.
  • Customization – All mailers can be customized for compliance and can be personalized with your contact information including logo, photo, and signature.
  • Brochures – Mailing programs may include a free gift brochure. A PDF personalized with your contact information is also available. You can print as many as you need on whatever paper you prefer.
  • Duplicate List – Names and addresses are available at an extra charge. Data is sent electronically. Phone numbers and month/year of birth are also available upon request.
  • Business Reply Envelopes – Reply envelopes can be added for privacy at an extra charge.
  • Color Mailers – Color mailers are available to help you stand out in the mail.
  • Copyright – All mailers and brochures are copyright protected by Kramer Direct.