Consumer Data File

  • One name per household
  • Gender Selects:
    Standard — Male of the household is selected first. If there is no male, then female is selected
    Female Priority — Female of the household is selected first. If there is no female, then the male is selected
    Female Only — Even if a male exists in the household, only the female is selected. Homes with no female present are not selected
  • Estimated Income is based on census data, home ownership and other available criteria
  • Month/Year of birth also available upon request
  • Phone numbers are matched with the latest “Do Not Call” list. Accuracy not guaranteed. Call prospects within 30 days to insure compliance with federal regulations:
  • Dwelling Selects — Homes, Condos, Apartments, PO Boxes and Trailers
  • Length of Residence — How long they have lived in their home
  • Veterans
  • Ethnic Selection—Based on Census Data
  • Presence of Elderly Parent
  • Exclude Rural Postal Areas
  • Net Worth — rating is estimated based on self-reported data
  • Household Investable Assets

Pricing based on output format and selection criteria.

Please email or call Toll-Free 888-572-6373 for details.
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