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Lead Generation Programs
For Annuities, Final Expense & Medicare Supplement

Call Toll-Free 888-KramerDirect (888-572-6373)
For Your Special Financial Brokerage Discount

Complete - Includes list, printing and all postage. You should start receiving responses in about 2 weeks.
Response - Leads are delivered electronically each day as received. Lead cards may also be mailed back (handling fee applies).
Lead Tracker - Client Management System: (1) View or print leads for follow-up (2) Tracks response rates to know what is working and to improve your marketing effectiveness (3) Maintains detailed client notes and history to make cross selling easier. (4) Calendar/Search functions so no lead is left behind (5) Maps responders and non-responders to increase your selling efficiency.
Protection - Names will not be re-mailed for two months to give you adequate time to work your leads.
Personalized Brochures - The gift brochures are personalized with your contact information and emailed to you in a PDF format (a fixed document file).
Customized - Mailers may be customized with any information including compliance wording. Artwork fee may apply.
Phone Lists - Available, but not automatically included. For Do Not Call regulations,
go to

Required information.

STEP 1   Fill in the contact information
    Fill in the contact information requested below.
  First Name:
Last Name:
Phone: (ex: 111-222-3333)
E-mail Address:
  Agent License Number (Required for AR, CA & ND agents):


  List Zip Codes/Counties  
    Please list zip codes in priority order. Mail will be sent in that sequence.
  Zip Code 1:
Zip Code 2:
  Zip Code 3:
Zip Code 4:
  Zip Code 5:
Zip Code 6:
  Zip Code 7:
Zip Code 8:


STEP 3   Select Mailer
    You can elect to mail any one of the lead cards pictured to the left. Simply click on each card to enlarge and view its content, then make your selection below.
    Select Mailer
  AN16 FE08 MS01 MS01 -Turning 65 AL02S WT02S



After submitting this form, please call (888) 572-6373 with
your Credit Card Number, Expiration Date and Security Code.

If paying by check, print this completed form and mail to:
Kramer Direct, 100 N. Central Expressway, Suite 300, Richardson, TX 75080

  Credit Card:

  Name Shown on Card:
The Credit Card Statement is Mailed to this Address below:
Zip/Postal Code:
  Phone: ( ) -   Ext