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The price includes the list for mailing, printing, mail handling, all outgoing and return postage, plus a PDF of your personalized brochure (if applicable).

Data is compiled from legal public information, such as the Census Bureau, Driver files and Voter Registration files.

Mailers usually go to the Post Office in 3 to 5 business days from receipt of your completed order.

Your leads are delivered electronically via Lead Tracker© to print from our website as received on a daily basis. Leads usually start to arrive about two to three weeks from your order date. If you want the original lead cards mailed to you weekly, add 1¢ ($15 minimum) to the pricing and about one week extra for delivery. Request for original cards is required at time your order is placed.

A PDF graphic of the gift brochure is provided for you to download and can be found on the “Brochures” tab in LeadTracker.
All you need is Adobe Reader to open and print the brochure – click here for a Free Copy > download Adobe Reader

We can provide a copy of the postal receipt for your mailing upon request.

No, but please ask us about average response rates for the mailers in which you are interested. We will give you historical information on response rates on which to judge the mailers.

Similar product mailers will not be re-mailed to your prospects for at least two months to give you adequate time to work your leads.

We cannot guarantee that a phone number will be filled out. You can, however, mail only “phone verified” names at no extra charge. These names should be listed in the phone book. Phone number accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Call prospects within 30 days to insure compliance with federal regulations.


Yes, if ordered with the mailing. A duplicate list is sent electronically in Excel or PDF formats.
Phone numbers are not available for all names. Some records have unlisted phone numbers and others are not available because they are on the “Do Not Call” list. Duplicate lists with phones are available two ways: a) Only names with phones b) All names with phones where available.
You can also print phones in reverse order on your mailer card for an additional 1¢ each so it is easily accessible when you receive your leads. If we provide phone numbers, we are required by the government to have your Subscription Account Number (SAN) and Organization ID.

If you would like phone numbers of your prospects, the government requires you to register with them to receive a SAN. We are required to have your SAN on file before phone numbers can be released. This is due to compliance regulations of the federal “Do Not Call” legislation. When you place your lead order, you will have a link which will take you to the government site to register for your SAN.

Click here for help registering for your Subscription Account Number

A helpful phone script is included with your first order.