Chris York

Since 1985, Kramer has provided pre-qualified leads for marketing organizations and individuals.  Lead programs can be customized to meet compliance regulations.

Mailers come in a variety of formats.  Choose from one of our standard designs or call us to help design your own.

The books, “Credibility Power” and “How To Master the Art of Lead Generation” are available to help you generate more sales, more prospects, faster.

Kramer is now a part of Dialog Direct, a marketing and customer engagement solution provider focused on helping brands connect and engage with their customers to generate leads, increase sales and provide superior customer engagement solutions that create remarkable experiences.  With this affiliation we now introduce Chris York who has over 35 years of experience in the life and health insurance industry. He served as Chief Marketing officer for three insurance companies that focused on the Senior Market. He was a key executive in the nation’s largest senior life and health insurance marketing company, managing both the brokerage and career agency channels. He has been extensively involved in sales and marketing, hiring and training agents and managers, product design and development, negotiations with large marketing organizations, regulatory compliance and as a key liaison with state insurance departments and agencies. He is using his experience to design effective new business marketing campaigns for Kramer Direct.


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